What a Wonderful God….

Psalm 145:3
Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable.

I was sitting here thinking about how good God is…


God sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for the sins of the world. He died for people like Mommar Gadhafi, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and Adolph Hitler. He died for Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Richard Nixon. He died for Brittany Spears, Beyonce Knowles, and Diana Ross. He also died for people like you and me.


I do not know your sin, but I do know mine. I know that just like David said, I was born in sin. My flesh houses no good thing, Paul wrote. Everything I desire is vanity, said Solomon. Sometimes my thoughts are not Godly thoughts. Sometimes I have a bad attitude. Sometimes I lose my patience. Sometimes things annoy me. Sometimes I want my way, and I want to get back at someone who mistreated me. The wonderful thing about the Lord is that He died for all of that. He bore my thoughts, my attitude, my impatience, my temperament, and my selfishness on the cross. He knew no sin, His Word says, but He became sin so that I could be His righteousness. Thank You Lord.


Sometimes I sit at the table in my dining room and I look at the cross that hangs on the wall. I imagine the Savior hanging there in all His agony. I imagine that as He hung there, He was thinking about me. That is a humbling thought. Sometimes that thought brings tears to my eyes, because I remember times that I sinned willfully with no thoughts of the Lord. Despite that, He thought of me. What a wonderful Savior.


If you do not know the Savior, now is the time to come to know Him. If you have never repented of your sin and asked Him to come into your life, to be Lord over your life, now is the time. Do not let this moment pass you by. Time is short, and the Savior could return at any moment now. The Bible says that when the last days are upon us, things will be happening as they were in Noah’s time. Look around you. Watch the news for about five minutes. You can tell these are Noah’s days! Do not let yourself get caught out there in the flood. Come inside, into the family of God, while you still have a chance. Acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savior and live for Him. Study your Bible daily. Attend a church where the Bible is taught verse by verse. Grow in Him. Learn of Him. Draw close to Him. He is a wonderful God….

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