Belief vs. Saving Faith

The following post was written by my sweet sister in the LORD, Robin Self.  With her permission, I am re-posting it here, because she gives some great stats that I think you will find very interesting.  It is a great read.  Take your time and as Robin says, don’t skip the stats!


Warning: Ahead are a few statistics. Read them. Don’t skip ahead. 🙂

A recent article from the Christian Post had a lot to say about the disparity between those in America who claim Christianity and those who actually hold to a biblical worldview.

According to the Barna Group, in America in 2021, 51% say that they hold to a “biblical worldview”. But here are what those same people said.

  • 49% of the 51% believe that reincarnation is a possibility before they die.
  • Only 33% said they are born with a sinful nature, and can only be saved from the consequences of sin through Jesus Christ.

As it turns out, the percentage of those who fit into the ACTUAL definition of a biblical worldview, falls to a number of just 6%. Barna’s definition of a biblical worldview is as follows:

“A biblical worldview is based on the infallible Word of God. When you believe the Bible is entirely true, then you allow it to be the foundation of everything you say and do.”

In 2020 the Cultural Research Center did a study in which only 2% of millennials hold to a biblical worldview, even though 61% of them identify as Christian.

In 2017 the American Culture and Faith Institute found that while 46% of Americans claim to lead a “Christian life”, only 10% hold to a distinctly biblical worldview.


I give these rather bleak statistics to ask the question, what is the difference between those claiming to be Christians and those who truly live according to God’s word and put their faith in Jesus Christ?

Apparently, ALL these people have SOME type of belief or faith in Christ, but are all of them saved? The answer must be a resounding and tragic “NO”. But what constitutes a true, SAVING faith?

We see in scripture that not everyone who has a belief in Christ will ultimately be welcomed by God into heaven.
( Remember, even the demons believe! ) Not even all people who preach and teach from the bible have saving faith.

I believe we can see many today in the NAR and Word Faith movements who may fall into the Matthew 7:22 category:

Word Faith False Teacher, Todd White

They preach a false Christ, and hoodwink the masses into believing they are healing the lame and proclaiming the gospel, when nothing could be further from the truth. They are performing parlor tricks and inducing mass emotional hysteria. And unless they repent and come to a genuine, saving faith in Christ, they will be separated from God for eternity.

So, hopefully we all know and recognize these obvious, wolfish purveyors of falsehood. But what of the neighbor across the street, the co-worker at the office, or the college roommate who says, “I’m a Christian.”? We all know them. Maybe he is our mechanic who mentions the “man upstairs”. Or the patriotic friend who proudly displays his American flag and considers himself a lover of “God and country”. It may even be your aunt, or grandmother who attends church on Easter and Christmas and gives to the annual missions offering. If you asked them if they believe in God their answer would be “Yes”. Their answer might also be “yes” if you asked them if they believe in Jesus and His death, burial, and resurrection. Yet their sincere belief isn’t enough to save them. But, you may ask, “How can this be?” Let me answer that.

A person can have a knowledge of, even a belief in biblical things and not be a genuine follower of Christ. Maybe they grew up and attended church all their life, and have even attended through adulthood. But occupying a church pew doesn’t mean your soul has been regenerated. Some may ask, “But how do I know? How can I be sure??”
You will know because only God Himself can make a filthy, depraved soul into one that has been made righteous and that longs to please Him. It is nothing that we do ourselves. It truly is a miraculous work of God. It is more than mere belief.

For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not a result of works, so that no one may boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

It is called being “born again”.

Jesus told the Pharisee Nicodemus in John 3:3:

 Jesus responded and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless someone is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

Ligonier ministries lays out the definition of saving faith in this way:

When the Protestant Reformers considered the question of saving faith, they found in Scripture three aspects that are essential for true faith. The first of these is Noticias, which is the intellectual content of what we believe. Saving faith is faith in the person and work of Christ, so we must know something about Jesus and what He has done if we are to have actual faith in Him. This is evident from the very existence of the Christian gospel—we tell people about Jesus, giving them biblically content for them to believe.

The second component of saving faith is Assensus, or belief that the content of the Christian gospel is true. It is possible to know something and not believe it is true, and in fact we know many things that we do not believe are true, such as the content of other religions. But as the Christian faith is dependent on the historical reality of things such as the resurrection of Jesus (1 Cor. 15:17), we must not only know that Christianity proclaims the content of Christ’s historical resurrection, but we must also believe that the resurrection happened (Rom. 10:9).

Finally, saving faith includes Fiducia, which is placing trust in the One revealed in the content that is believed to be true. Knowing what God has revealed and believing it to be true is a good thing, as we read in today’s passage, but it is not enough (James 2:14–19). Even demons know and assent to the truth of God’s revelation, so merely knowing and believing necessary truths for salvation such as the oneness of God are insufficient for redemption (v. 19b). Mere knowledge and belief, as John Calvin comments, “can no more connect man with God, than the sight of the sun carry him up to heaven.” We also need to place our trust in Christ personally to save us. We must believe that Jesus came to save us personally. We must place our lives in His hands, pledging ourselves to follow Him no matter the cost.

So, breaking this down, even if you never remember the terms Noticias, Assensus, or Fiducia, you must:

1. Know the gospel intellectually.
2. Believe the gospel is true.
3. You MUST place your trust in the ONE revealed in the gospel.

What IS the gospel?

The word gospel means “good news,” so the gospel of Christ is the good news of His coming to provide forgiveness of sins for all who will believe (Colossians 1:14Romans 10:9). Since the first man’s sin, mankind has been under the condemnation of God (Romans 5:12). Because everyone breaks God’s perfect law by committing sin, everyone is guilty (Romans 3:23). The punishment for the crime of sin is physical death (Romans 6:23) and then an eternity spent in a place of punishment (Revelation 20:15Matthew 25:46). This eternal separation from God is also called the “second death” (Revelation 20:14–15).

The bad news that all are guilty of sin and condemned by God is countered by the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. God, because of His love for the world, has made a way for man to be forgiven of their sins (John 3:16). He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to take the sins of mankind on Himself through death on a cross (1 Peter 2:24). In placing our sin on Christ, God ensured that all who will believe in the name of Jesus will be forgiven (Acts 10:43). Jesus’ resurrection guarantees the justification of all who believe (Romans 4:25).– From “Got Questions”.

“NO MATTER THE COST”. And for those with true, saving faith, it will cost. We are called to walk in a whole new way, turning our backs on the old way of living our lives. We may lose friendships or even family as we walk this new and often lonely pilgrimage of Christianity. The Holy Spirit draws us to repentance, and that lifestyle of repentance carries on, day by day, not allowing us to be ruled by sin any longer, but confessing our sins to Him daily.

Saving faith means we will no longer identify with or practice a lifestyle of sin.

The website “Got Questions” lays out the recognizable characteristics of a genuine believer based on the epistle of 1 John:

1. The believer enjoys fellowship with Christ and His redeemed people (1 John 1:3).
2. The believer walks in the light, not in the darkness (1 John 1:6–7).
3. The believer admits and confesses his sin (1 John 1:8).
4. The believer obeys God’s Word (1 John 2:3–5).
5. The believer loves God rather than the world (1 John 2:15).
6. The believer’s life is characterized by “doing what is right” (1 John 2:29).
7. The believer seeks to maintain a pure life (1 John 3:3).
8. The believer sees a decreasing pattern of sin in his life (1 John 3:5–65:18).
9. The believer demonstrates love for other Christians (1 John 3:14).
10. The believer “walks the walk,” versus just “talking the talk” (1 John 3:18–19).
11. The believer maintains a clear conscience (1 John 3:21).
12. The believer experiences victory in his Christian walk (1 John 5:4).

I was watching a very good video in which John MacArthur was asked the question, “How do I know if I’m really saved?”. He talks about the characteristics of someone who has been genuinely changed by saving faith. Watch his amazing and clarifying explanation in this short video:

As Dr. MacArthur says, a saved life will never mean a perfect life. But it will be a different one.

There are so many around us who are going about their daily lives, believing they are Christians, when in actuality, they are living with a false security about their eternity. This is why we must be ready and willing to discuss the gospel with those around us. They may have never truly heard the good news. They may come to saving faith. They may not. But at least it won’t be because we just went along as always, never discussing it with them. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to see your friends, family, and neighbors go from a non-saving “belief” in God to a life-changing, saving faith in Jesus Christ? This is our job in this world. To tell the good news. Let our lives be marked as being ones who contributed to adding to the Kingdom!

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Hi guys!  Just wanted to let you know that I have started my Rumble channel, called ABiblicalWorldview.  I posted one short video of a waterfall from my trip to Nashville earlier this year.  I was basically doing a test video to make sure that I was doing it right.  Anyway, I am going to expand this blog to that channel, and I will continue to bring to you encouragement from God´s Word, a biblical perspective on things that concern us in life, and a politically incorrect way of looking at everything from marriage to parenting to ministry to how we should dress!  I am going to cover it all!

I hope you will join me on Rumble.  I have been working on this channel for a while and I have some good videos that I am working on for your viewing pleasure.  Pray for me as I launch this new channel.  My intent is always to challenge and encourage the body of Christ.

“Go Woke, Go Broke!”

I have been watching the recent fallout over at ESPN.  Have you seen any of this?  It is better than some of the best comedy shows that I have ever watched.  In case you have not seen any of this, let me first bring you up to speed.

On Sunday, July 4, a recording was leaked of Rachel Nichols, a young white woman who has been a very outspoken supporter of all things “woke” and “blm” and the like,  disparaging ESPN for taking away a job that had apparently been promised to her, and giving it to one of her colleagues, a young black woman named Maria Taylor.  (Side note:  I had never heard of Maria Taylor until this story broke.)  Rachel Nichols was recorded accusing ESPN of having a poor history of diversity in its hiring practices, apparently not only in terms of race, but also gender.  Rachel Nichols stated that she had experienced that poor history herself because she is a woman.

Fast forward to today.  After Rachel Nichols issued a semi-apology (and I call it that because she never admitted to what she said or that she was sorry she said it), employees and former employees of ESPN have come out calling each other racist and revealing behind-the-scenes secrets about the workplace environment.  It is an all-out race war!  (You can easily do an internet search and find some of the articles, videos and podcasts with people discussing this topic.)  

I bring all this up because I have said for a long time that the woke crowd makes this stuff up as they go.  Rachel Nichols has, for a while now, been one of the loudest voices for the whole black-lives-matter debacle and the “woke” NBA.  (There are rumors as to why she is such a fierce proponent of this madness, but I will not get into speculation.)  Now that this recording has come to light, it appears that Ms. Nichols is not as woke as she claims to be when she is on camera.

Rachel Nichols is the least of the problem.  The bottom line is that ESPN sold its soul to the whole black lives matter movement, and once they did that, they were out in treacherous waters that they now cannot navigate.  What they did not know is that you can never appease the “woke” crowd.  They move the bar every day.  They have no set standard.  When you meet the criteria for the moment, the next thing you know is that you have to do more.  Case in point:  music artist Lecrae and Dan Cathy.  On national tv, Dan Cathy got on one knee with towel in hand and “shined” Lecrae’s shoes.  (In case you don’t know who these people are, Lecrae is a black man who sings contemporary Christian music, and Dan Cathy is the son of Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-Fil-A.)  Dan Cathy had recently come to an epiphany about race relations, and claimed that every white person should shine a black person’s shoes.  Lecrae appeared more than happy to have this man at his feet.  When Dan Cathy got up to return to his seat, Lecrae said to him, “Now give me some of that Chick-Fil-A stock!”  As soon as those words came out of his mouth, my thought was ‘See….nothing is ever enough for these people.’

As a black woman, I am deeply embarrassed by the “woke” mob, cancel culture, blm, accusations of systemic racism, the fallout behind George Floyd and all other race related issues in America.  I do not have blinders on.  I know that there are people out there who do not like other people because of the color of their skin.  There are whites who do not like blacks.  There are blacks who do not like latinos.  There are latinos who do not like Jews.  There are Jews who do not like whites.  It is a vicious cycle and I recognize the fact that it exists.  

Where the whole race relation thing loses me is that we have race issues in this country based on who is in political power.  We went several years prior to the election of Barack Obama where race relations were decent.  All this craziness started when Barack Obama went on national tv, after the justified shooting of Trayvon Martin, and said that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.  Why did he need to say that?  He didn’t mention any of the young white men who had been killed in 2013.  He didn’t mention any of the young white women who had been kidnapped, raped, and murdered that year.  Why would he choose the one killing that might tip the race scale to make a comment?

But I digress…

Back to my original thought….ESPN has jumped into the mirky waters of race relations by supporting blm, the movement.  There are many sports fans, myself included, that are offended by the promotion of black lives matter during sporting events.  Sports fans are offended by watching multi-millionaires claiming that they are offended by the national anthem while making millions of dollars on the backs of hard working, every day, average, run of the mill, hourly waged men and women like you and me.  Sports fans are tired of corporate entities spewing out their personal and political preferences, while promoting their product on the fields of play and uniforms of athletes.  WE ARE SICK OF IT.

I stopped watching ESPN and all sports in March 2020, when the NBA players refused to play in protest to the killing of some criminal who came against the police and got himself shot.  I refused to spend any time consuming a product as offensive as the NBA when they play identity politics.  I refuse to help their ratings climb.  I refuse to be a part of the sports world as long as they are “woke”.  I know everyone does not feel as strongly as I do, but those who do, my suggestion is to turn off ESPN.


Hang on….

Just checking in with you guys to let you know that what I am working on is still in the works!  I will be going live with it very soon.  I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on the LORD.  I know things do not look good in the world right now, but God is still in control of all of this.  God is able to fix whatever is wrong in your life, and He is able to bring you through whatever trials you are facing.  I know of which I speak!  I have been through some devastating events, but God has seen me through every one of them and He is getting ready to do some miraculous things.

Keep your eyes on Him.

Do You Like Surprises?

I have a surprise coming for those of you who have been following my blog.  I am adding another layer to it very soon.  Details to follow shortly…

Let me also say thank you so much for your support.  Thanks for following my blog and praying for me.  When I started this blog almost eight years ago, it was just a way to get some things off my chest.  I was never good at journaling or keeping a diary, so when blogs hit the internet, I thought, hmmm…

This blog has been with me through some of the most trying times of my life.  I had my heart broken into a million pieces right in front of this blog.  My life changed right in front of this blog.  I raised my children, supported my friends, and nursed my wounds back to health right in front of this blog.  This blog has been a means to an end for me, the end being peace in my heart and mind.

Your support has blessed me.  I didn’t think I would have anything to post that would be of any particular interest to anyone else, but I have found that some of you have been blessed through my struggle.  To God be the glory!  I would hate for all of the pain I have endured over the years to have been for nothing.  If there is some experience that I have endured that will give someone else some wisdom or help someone else through a struggle in their lives, I am glad to share that experience.  Maybe it will shorten their trial or make it easier to bear.

Keep checking back for my surprise!  It will be very sudden and I think you may find it very interesting!  Be blessed!

Let Visiting Hours Begin!

If you follow my social media, you saw the video of the lady who was held hostage by the hospital in Vancouver, Washington…Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital was the name. She went in for treatment for a UTI, and her daughter, who is her medical power of attorney, was not allowed to take her home based on the fact that the woman was asked to take a covid test, which she refused, because she was not exhibiting covid symptoms.

I have a dear friend who took both parents to the ER two weeks ago because they were exhibiting mild covid symptoms. Her father walked into the hospital, her mother was wheeled in via wheelchair, and they spent almost two weeks in the hospital, while my friend and her sister were not allowed to visit their parents. They were given infrequent updates on their parents’ conditions. Finally, they were told that their father needed a ventilator. He was placed on a ventilator, and 48 hours later, he was dead. Within an hour of his death, his wife died. They had not seen their two daughters in two weeks.

A famous singer in Georgia went into the hospital to receive treatment for kidney disease. She was admitted to the hospital, given the treatment, spent a couple of days, and was sent home. After being sent home, she suffered a setback and had to go back to the hospital. Her family was not given any updates on her condition. After mounting frustration, family members gathered outside of the hospital and was allowed to see her through a large window. She was beyond excited to see her family. They only got to wave to each other and smile at each other. Little did they know, that would be the last time they would see each other, because she died less than 72 hours later.

All that to say that the American people need to fight back against this wicked medical system that is killing off our elderly and those who are not able to speak for themselves. It is past time for us to be able to go into the hospital with our grandparents, parents, children and loved ones. It is time for patients to be able to have visitors. It is time for the elderly to have familiar people coming in and out of their rooms to see if they are getting proper care. I am so tired of seeing videos where elderly persons are denied seeing their family members, especially elderly couples who have been together for longer than I have been alive, and they are separated because of the ridiculous rules and standards put forth by the government in the name of saving lives. All the while, these rules and standards have been killing more people than the virus itself.

I have read story after story about suicidal teens and elderly persons who are alone in their homes, isolated from the lives they once used to live, and feeling like they just do not want to live anymore. This is inhumane. This is cruel and unusual punishment. This is insanity. It is time for families to be able to be with their loved ones. We have got to take back this freedom.

If you have suggestions, please feel free to leave comments. I will post those suggestions on all my social media platforms. I will do what little I can to help end this tyranny.

Look Up!

Luke 21:25-28

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

I heard it said over and over that 2021 would have to be a better year than 2020.  The body of Christ endured so much hardship last year.  We dealt with the first nationwide, and actually worldwide, illness that affected somewhere around 10,000 people in the United States.  We watched our record unemployment skyrocket in less than a year.  We watched our economy tank because businesses closed, jobs were lost, unemployment funds were depleted on state levels, churches closed, family members were not allowed to visit due to social distancing and numerical caps on gathering, hospital patients died alone due to guidelines that disallowed family members to be by the bedsides of their loved ones, schools were closed, riots broke out in the streets, criminals were celebrated, believers were pitted against each other due to politics, and race became the topic de jour.  All of this happened in less than one year!

Fear has become the default emotion.  Everyone is afraid these days.  People are afraid to leave their homes without a mask on their face, thinking that the mask will protect them from some unknown, unseen germ that will connect with them physically and cause them to die an “untimely death”.  People are afraid to hug their friends and family members because they do not live in the same household and don’t know what everyone else has been exposed to, or if they are “asymptomatic” (which I will address again in a minute) and many people are going for long periods of time without the benefit of the human touch.  I remember when my daughter, who lives alone in Tennessee, came home for Christmas.  I thought she would not stop hugging us because she said she had literally not been touched for more than 30 days by another human being.  People are afraid to be together anymore.

Many people, even those in the Christian community, have looked for the government to solve all the ills from which society suffers.  When government showed us this past year exactly who they are and about whom they are concerned, many were shocked and disappointed.  I am sad to say that many placed their hope in the failing flesh of mankind.

Believers also made the mistake of listening to self-proclaimed “prophets” who promised something that they had no power to deliver.  No one but God knows what He is going to do or allow, and no one can say for sure what is going to happen on a national level unless it has been proclaimed in scripture.  Many fell for the extra-biblical ramblings of charlatans and deceivers who not only got it wrong, but have also been exposed for the charlatans and deceivers that they really are.

Believers fell for the narrative that was pushed across all mainstream media and social media platforms.  We have so many new terms that I have a hard time keeping up.  The media coined the phrase “social distancing”.  I was doing that before they coined that phrase, except I called it “personal space”.  A certain infamous doctor said that wearing masks was unnecessary, then turned around and said it was necessary.  Most people took his advice and refuse to leave the house without a mask, thinking that life saving measures are found in covering their nose and mouth with a piece of cloth.  I assume that same infamous doctor made us familiar with the term “asymptomatic”.  I always felt like that term was bogus.  What does it even mean? I can’t imagine that it actually has any bearing on the situation at hand. 

So what do we do?  Where do we go from here?  How do we handle what looks like a gloomy future for us?  What is the solution for the problems of this world?  In my humble opinion, there are only two solutions for the believer to maneuver the future of this world as we head closer and closer to the return of the LORD Jesus Christ. 

The first thing we must do is REPENT.  I confess that I have not done all that I could have done to lead others to Christ.  I have not obeyed Luke 14:23, which says “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in…”  I have not taken every opportunity to share the Gospel with people in the grocery store or at the gas station or at the doctor’s office or in my neighborhood.  I have lived my life just trying to survive physically, emotionally and financially.  I have thought only about myself.  I am sure I am not the only one.  Many of us have not shared the Gospel the way we should.  We must humbly go before the LORD and ask Him to forgive us.  Then we need to look for opportunities to do what we have not done and reach the lost.  Every one of us knows someone who does not know the LORD Jesus Christ.  We all have a relative, a neighbor, or sometimes someone at church whose life does not bear the fruit of Christ.  We must repent of this shortcoming and change our direction as it pertains to giving the Gospel to a lost and dying world.

The second thing we must do is REJOICE.   I confess that I have allowed myself to dread this world while not focusing on the fact that I have hope in Christ.  Titus 2:13 says I should be “…Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ…”  Instead of looking for that hope, I have sometimes looked at the world around me, or my bank account, or my situation, and forgotten the fact that I have a loving Father Who promised me, in Hebrews 13:5, that “…I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee…”  That in and of itself is a reason to rejoice! Philippians 4:4-5 says “Rejoice in the LORD always: and again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The LORD is at hand.” God is in sovereign control on the earth.

This encouragement is for the believers in the LORD Jesus Christ, but if you are reading this post and have never placed your faith in Him as Master of your life, and have never repented of your life of sin, do not let this moment pass.  Right now, wherever you are, you can acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, that you are a sinner who is lost and dying in your sin, and that you need forgiveness from Him.  If you ask Him in sincerity, He will not reject you!  John 6:37 says “All that the Father giveth Me shall come to Me; and him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.”  We do not know how long this life will last.  Jesus is going to come back to the earth and take the church out of this world.  Do not let your life end without asking Him to be the LORD of your life.  Do not let Him return to this earth while you don’t have a relationship with Him.  The next moment is not promised to you.  Take advantage of this moment and look up…

Reminding Myself There’s Hope In Christ

Psalm 1:5-6

Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.  For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.

Many in the Christian community, like myself, are exasperated at what has happened in our country over the past year.  We watched as the government hoaxed us with a virus that was constructed in a lab in Wuhan, China; we watched the same government shut down our businesses, schools, and churches; we watched our thriving economy and low unemployment rates go to the dogs; we watched the government force us to stay cooped up in our homes, stay away from our friends and loved ones, and wear a germy, nasty face muzzle every time we are out in public.

As I sit here thinking about it, I don’t know how we survived.

I do know this:  God is still on the throne.  I have to remind myself daily that the God of the Bible is still in control of all of this. 

I never thought I would live to see the day when the freedoms that my father, my brother, two of my uncles and three of my cousins served/fought for would be taken away right in front of our eyes.  My father spent 21 years  in the army fighting for our freedom.  One uncle spent more than 20 years in the Air Force.  The other uncle paid the ultimate price on the ground in Vietnam.  I ask the LORD sometimes, were their sacrifices in vain?

No matter how weary I am, or how weary you may be, we have to remember that God sees all evil and He will vindicate His people.  The psalmist wrote that “...sinners will not stand in the congregation of the righteous…”  One day, we will be separated from all those who are blood-thirsty, desiring the lives of innocent babies in the womb.  One day, we will be separate from all those who lust after their own gender, pretending to be “married”.  One day, we will be separate from all those who bear hatred in their hearts for others who do not share the same level of melanin, or the same economic level, or education.  All of those persons will have rejected the LORD Jesus Christ, and unfortunately, their eternity will be separate from ours.  While we are basking in the glory of the LORD Jesus Christ, those persons will be dealing with weeping and gnashing of teeth, the worm that will never die, utter darkness, and a fire that cannot be quenched.

I don’t take that lightly.  I have a family full of unsaved folks and I hate to think of them in hell.  My mother, my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my uncles, some of my cousins…are all destined for hell unless they repent and do it soon.  I have given them the Gospel, but the psalmist said, “…the way of the ungodly shall perish…”

So……take heart believers!  As painful and discouraging and hopeless and sad and disappointed and betrayed as we all may feel right now, the Word of God encourages us when the LORD said, “…in His favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”  (Psalm 30:5).  Revelation 21:4 says “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain…”  This will all be over one day.  We have to remember that there is hope in Christ.

If you are reading this and you do not have a relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ; you have never repented of your life of sin, and you cannot for sure say that you are going to spend all eternity in heaven with the LORD Jesus, don’t let this moment pass without asking Him to forgive you!  We have no idea how much time we have left….but we do know that it is probably not going to be long.  The return of the Savior is imminent.  Please be ready!

January 6, 2021: The Day That Changed Everything

Today was the day.  If you are like me, you kinda wanted to know what would happen, but then again, you didn’t.  You wanted to be aware just in case someone called and said. “Hey, did you hear what happened in DC?” I checked in on Twitter and Parler periodically just to see what was the latest.  I watched the President’s rally online and listened to his speech with the hope that all would be well by the end of the day.

That would not be the case.

I am not sure of all that happened in DC today.  I am not sure how the electoral college works, and I am not sure what effect Vice President Mike Pence has on it.  I am sure of this: today was not a good day in Washington, DC on the steps of the Capitol.

Masses of supporters of our President converged on DC to make sure our Congress knows that we are serious about integrity as it pertains to elections.  We don’t mind losing; we just want to know that we lost fairly.  

Supporters of President Trump were infiltrated by terrorist groups like antifa and blm.  They dressed up in flags, wearing MAGA hats and t-shirts.  They made themselves look like the masses so that they would fit in.  But they would not fit in for long.

Bottom line is that things got out of hand.  Videos have surfaced of a young woman who was shot, apparently in the Capitol building.  I am not sure of her condition at this hour, but I do pray that she and her family will be ok.

Today I was deeply disappointed when I heard that the Vice President did not call foul on any of the states where voter fraud was in question.  I thought for sure that he would uphold the Constitution of the United States.  I also thought that he would show us that he is the man of integrity that we thought he was for the last four years.  Now I know that he is not that man.  

For four years, I have been praying for President Trump’s salvation.  Looks like I should have been praying for Vice President Pence also.

There were rumblings that he was dirty.  I refused to believe it.  

So now, I don’t know what to think.  I did listen to a video message by MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell, who seems to think that there is still hope.  I will admit: I am weary at this point.

Mike Lindell’s video was posted on Twitter:

These are just a few of my thoughts about today. I am praying that the LORD will intevene. If you are a believer, I hope that you are praying also. That is the only weapon we have. I would not have gone to DC to demonstrate; that’s not something that I could do. But I did vote, I have given the Gospel to all who will listen, and I have been on my knees daily praying for our nation. Now we just have to wait and see if the LORD will show us mercy.

2 Chronicles 7:14: If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sins, and heal their land…

The Losses Were Great In 2020…

I hear it said often that people could not wait to get out of 2020. I guess I can understand that sentiment. It was the most challenging year of my life. It was also the year of some incredible losses. It seems that each month of the year, someone of celebrity status passed away.

I remember New Years Day 2020, reading about the death of former NBA commissioner David Stern. Mr. Stern had some health issues and was in his late 70’s, so, I was sad to hear the news, but not terribly shocked. 25 days later, I came home from church, checked my twitter feed and read the news of the sudden and tragic death of retired NBA player Kobe Bryant. Being a basketball fan, these two deaths caused me to pause and think of the frailty of life.

The following month, I learned of the death of one of the beautiful actresses of my childhood, Ja’Net DuBois, who starred in the 70’s sitcom “Good Times’ and died in her sleep at the ripe age of 85. Also Academy Award winning actor Kirk Douglas died at 103 years old.

For me, the month of March brought on the news of the Chinese Virus that was concocted in a lab in Wuhan, China, and released amongst the American people in an effort to distract voters from becoming aware of the massive voter fraud that would take place in the month of November. The government shut down the entire country. Businesses were closed, with the exception of “essential” businesses, such as grocery stores, gas stations, doctors offices, hospitals, strip clubs, abortion clinics, and ABC stores. Churches were closed! To my shock and dismay, most pastors and church leaders did not resist when the governor of their state decided that ABC stores were essential and churches were not.

In March, I also lost my job. The organization for which I worked was forced to shut down due to the city mayor placing a curfew on the city as of 5 pm on Friday, March 27. We were told that they would do everything possible to bring all employees back, but my position was eliminated, and I was not invited back to work.

In March, I also learned of the death of Curly Neal, a professional basketball player who dazzled audiences with his skill alongside other Harlem Globetrotters. He died at 77. April took famed jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis, Jr., father of the super talented Marsalis brothers, Wynton and Branford, at 85 years of age. The month of May took away Eddie Haskell from “Leave It To Beaver”. He was 76 years young. May also saw the death of another NBA legend, Jerry Sloan, who coached the Utah Jazz for 23 years. His death was another blow to me because I always admired his integrity. He was 78 years old. May 25 brought the most infamous death of the year when 46 year old George Floyd died while being apprehended by police, for crimes that he had committed earlier in the day. His death set off a string of riots, lootings and killings across America. We were forced to witness the hatred and vitriol that is harbored in the hearts of some Americans. We were forced to watch the anger and rage over the death of a criminal, while innocent babies die at an alarming rate in abortion clinics all across this country. But I digress…

In June, Bonnie Pointer died of cardiac arrest at the tender age of 69. She was one-third of the R&B trio, “The Pointer Sisters”. They were a huge part of my youth, recording soundtracks and hit songs that became cult classics. Also, St. Louis police captain David Dorn was killed on the street during rioting in the downtown area. According to Captain Dorn’s wife, he had gone downtown to check on a friend’s business after the burglar alarm went off. His death was recorded on video and streamed live on social media. Thinking of his death makes me so angry. His death was senseless and cruel. He served his city for a number of years, and left a stellar legacy.

July saw the deaths of Hugh Downs, longtime news correspondent, who lived to be 99 years old; Mary Kay Letourneau, the schoolteacher who had a sexual relationship with her student and married him once he was of legal age, who died at 58 years old of colorectal cancer; “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” songwriter-musician Charlie Daniels, who was 83, and Herman Cain, successful businessman and political activist, who died of covid related issues at 74 years old. In August, Wilford Brimley, who played the curmudgeonly old grandfather on the 80’s tv show “Our House”, died at 85 years old. The President’s younger brother, Robert Trump, also died in August. He was 71 years old. September saw the death of Kevin Dobson, 77 year old actor who starred as Mac MacKenzie in the night time soap opera, “Knots Landing”, and Edna Wright, one of the melodious voices of the 70’s girl group, The Honey Cones. She was 76 years old. 77 year old Gale Sayers, retired football player and subject of the movie “Brian’s Song”, died from dementia, and Helen Reddy, the Australian singer who helped fuel the feminist movement with her song, “I Am Woman”, died at 78 years old.

The month of October witnessed the passing of Sean Connery, the Scottish actor who portrayed the fictitious secret agent James Bond in a series of movies. He was 90 years old. In November, Carol Arthur, the widow of Dom DeLuise, died at 85 years old, Alex Trebek, the long time host of the game show, “Jeopardy”, died of pancreatic cancer at 80 years old. In December, Dawn Wells, who was Mary Anne from “Gilligan’s Island” died at 82 years old, as well as Joe Louis Clark, the principal of a New Jersy high school who was portrayed by Morgan Freeman in the movie, “Lean On Me” at 82 years old, and country music singer Charley Pride died from Covid at 86 years old.

There were other deaths that hit closer to home for me, such as my sweet Aunt Daisy, my grandmother’s last surviving sibling, who died at 103 years old. Aunt Daisy was my favorite of all my grandmother’s 12 siblings. She used to make the best tea cakes and creamed corn. She tried to teach me to make her creamed corn, but I could never master it. She had a gift as it pertained to cooking, and she blessed everyone who came into her home with that gift. The sadness that I feel for her is that she lived so long, was so kind to so many, but I have no confidence that she had saving faith in the LORD Jesus Christ.

Two of my high school classmates died in 2020. These were young men, and though I don’t know the state of their health, all things being equal, they died early. I just heard yesterday about the death of a distant cousin. Once again, I don’t know if he had health issues or what caused his death, but he was relatively young.

2020 was the year that, in my mind, the wrath of God was unleashed on America. I don’t know how other countries dealt with all that the Chinese Virus brought with it, but in America, where we are used to our freedoms and doing things differently from socialist and communist countries, it has been hard. My prayer is that we will wake up and see what is going on in our government and society. God’s wrath is unleashed on us because of how cruel we have been to the nation of Israel. We have historically not been their ally. God’s wrath is unleashed on us because of how bloody our hands are in the abortion mill in this country. We have slaughtered more than 60 million babies legally in the US since 1973. God’s wrath is unleashed on us because of the fact that we have embraced a sodomite lifestyle, and legalized marriage between two men and two women in the US. God’s wrath is unleashed because of how little of the Gospel is actually preached from the pulpits in US churches, traded for the ways of world, seeker friendly tactics, concert-like music productions, pastors in t-shirts and skinny jeans, and absolutely no sound doctrine that would offend anyone or cause them to be concerned about their sin.

The losses were great in 2020. But the loss of our soul would be the greatest loss of all. If you are reading this, it means that you did make it out of 2020. You still have a chance to get it right with the LORD Jesus Christ. You still have a chance to make heaven your eternal home. You still have a chance to receive forgiveness for your sins, and be saved from the penalty of your sins, which is eternal death. Ask the LORD for forgiveness today.