Follow Me On Rumble!

Hi guys!  Just wanted to let you know that I have started my Rumble channel, called ABiblicalWorldview.  I posted one short video of a waterfall from my trip to Nashville earlier this year.  I was basically doing a test video to make sure that I was doing it right.  Anyway, I am going to expand this blog to that channel, and I will continue to bring to you encouragement from God´s Word, a biblical perspective on things that concern us in life, and a politically incorrect way of looking at everything from marriage to parenting to ministry to how we should dress!  I am going to cover it all!

I hope you will join me on Rumble.  I have been working on this channel for a while and I have some good videos that I am working on for your viewing pleasure.  Pray for me as I launch this new channel.  My intent is always to challenge and encourage the body of Christ.

2 Replies to “Follow Me On Rumble!”

  1. Hi Tonya, This is Jeff from GAB. Thank you for sharing about your blog and how to reach out to you. You now have my email address. Would you please email me so that we can start a correspondence? Maybe you can help me and my wife with some questions that we have about NC. Thank you!

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