As I begin to reflect on this year, during this last week of the year, I went back into my blog archives and pulled out my VERY FIRST BLOG POST! I began this blog on August 1, 2013. At the time, it was an outlet for some serious pain that I was suffering. Today, it has become a way to connect with people worldwide that I may have never known otherwise.

Please take time to read the entire post. I hope it blesses you as this blog has blessed me over the years.

Colossians 3:20

“Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord.” 

When was the last time you heard THAT scripture read from a pulpit, or quoted to a child? I am always stunned at how little control parents actually have over their children these days. The children are giving the orders; the parents are obeying them. Children are telling the parents what they are and are not going to do, and the parents are allowing it. This is a generation of inmates who are in charge of the asylum! 

The dictionary definition of obey is “…to comply with or to follow the commands, restrictions, wishes, or instructions of; to submit or conform in action to…” Well, children these days are not conforming to anything except the system of the world. This includes the children who are supposedly being reared in “Christian” homes. I recently heard a statistic that said something like 67% of all babies being born now are born into single-parent households, and something like 48% of those are teenage mothers. Now, are there not any parents out there telling their daughters that they need to abstain and save themselves for their marriages? Are there no fathers who are teaching their sons to save their precious gift for the woman they will someday marry?

Children are drinking and driving. I certainly hope there are some parents out there telling their children that it is not ok to get behind the steering wheel of a vehicle after drinking, no matter how little they think they had to drink. Deeper than that, are parents not teaching their children the dangers of drinking period? I remember growing up being afraid that my liver would rot right out of my body if I so much as thought about drinking alcohol. Nowadays, I guess, children are not taught the fear of anything.

Another dangerous habit that is rearing its nasty head amongst young people is texting. It is my understanding that they are doing some pretty nasty things through text messages these days. Not only that, but I have been on the highway riding beside or behind someone who is trying to type on one of those cell phones while they are driving! I know, I am older now and not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I also know that the cell phone distracts me in a way that nothing else does. It grabs my attention from the road. I am nowhere near as sharp when I am trying to fool around with that ridiculous cell phone as I am when I have no distractions. (That is the reason that I am training myself to turn my cell phone off completely when I am behind the wheel of my vehicle!) I am positive that has to be true for everyone else on the road, based on some of the driving that I have seen from some of the folks who drive and talk on the phone! Young people, don’t do it! I am praying that there will soon be laws against it, and not only for teens, but for everyone!!!

Speaking of fear: children these days have no fear! There is a boldness in this new generation that I have never seen before. They seem to think that they are invincible…that nothing bad can happen to them, and that they are going to live forever. They do not care about dying or going to prison or taking someone else’s life. They have no fear of the illegal substances that they put in their bodies. High schools and college campuses are now full of daredevils that have either been taught nothing, or have completely ignored all the teaching of their parents.

I know several people who either work in the school system or have retired from teaching. The horror stories that I have heard about the behaviors of children in school are stunning. I always told my oldest that it was not the teacher’s job to police behavior; it was the student’s responsibility to go to school and learn. I never tolerated bad behavior at school (or anywhere else for that matter) and I cannot understand any other parent who would. Teachers pay is some of the lowest in the country, and they are basically rearing the next generation of preidents, doctors, lawyers, police officers, politicians, preachers, teachers, etc. After reading the newspaper on any given day, I am afraid to think of who is going to be in charge when I am 80!

Are parents ever going to regain control, or are the children going to continue to be in charge of their own lives at their parents’ expense? Are children going to continue to dictate what happens. or are parents going to wake up and remember that God gave them charge over their children? Are Christian parents going to do what the Word says, and teach their children the reverential “fear” of the Lord? Are things ever going to change, or is this next generation destined to hell for sure? When are Christian parents going to bring Bible study and memory verses back into the home, and make God’s Word the standard by which they live? Will this ever happen?

As a parent, it breaks my heart to think of the destructive path this new generation is taking. I see so many young people in my neighborhood who seem to have no clue that they need a relationship with the Lord Jesus. They know nothing about the fact that one of the commands that the Lord gave Moses as he stood on Mount Sinai was that the the children of Israel were to “…honor thy father, and thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land, which the Lord thy God giveth thee…” That command suggests that dishonoring one’s parents could lead to early death. God wrote those words using the hand of Moses. He meant business then, and He means it now. Children, obey your parents. Do what they tell you to do. This pleases the Lord. This honors the Lord. We honor Him when we obey Him. He is pleased when He sees that we want to do what He says.

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