A Believer In The Synagogue

Mark 5:22-24

And, behold, there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue, Jairus by name; and when he saw Him, he fell at His feet,
And besought Him greatly, saying, My little daughter lieth at the point of death: I pray Thee, come and lay Thy hands on her, that she may be healed; and she shall live.
And Jesus went with him; and much people followed Him, and thronged Him.
Not much is known about Jairus except that he is 1) a ruler in the synagogue, 2) the father of a daughter, 3) and a believer that Jesus could heal the sick.  This is all the Bible tells us about him in Matthew 9, Mark 5 and Luke 8.  We know that Jesus was travelling through Capernaum when he encounters Jairus.  Jairus fell at the Savior’s feet pleading for Him to come and heal his little girl.
In my imagination, I can certainly relate to Jairus’ plight.  As a parent, I have sat at the bedside of my children when they are sick.  I have watched my daughters suffer in pain, and I prayed for them and with them…I have even told the LORD that if I could, I would take their suffering onto my own body.  I understand why Jairus is willing to go to great lengths to get the healing that his daughter so desperately needs.  
So….Jairus approached the LORD to plead his case.  He explains to the Savior that his daughter lies at the point of death.  She may have suffered for a week or a year or five years; we don’t know how long because the scripture does not say.  We do know that she is sick, and Jairus fears that she will die.  Jairus asked the Savior to come, lay hands on her, so that she may be healed.  He knows that Jesus is a healer.  He knows that if the LORD decides to heal her, she will not die at this moment.  She will live for years to come.  This is the plea of the loving father who believes in the power of the Savior.
The interesting part of all of this is that Jairus is a ruler in the synagogue.  Though he is not described as a member of the Pharisees, he is one of the men who was devoutly religious and very highly respected in the community.  He more than likely was very closely connected to the Pharisaic community, which would have made him keenly aware of the hatred of the establishment toward Jesus.  Jairus obviously had a choice to make:  either go with the flow of shunning the LORD and let his daughter die, or buck the system and get his daughter the healing he desired.  
Because Jairus was a synagogue leader, he knew very well about the miraculous power of the LORD Jesus Christ.  He had probably witnessed Jesus casting out a demon in the synagogue.  At the very least, word had reached Jairus about how Jesus had performed miracles in the surrounding areas.  He knew what he had to do.  
Jairus boldly approached the LORD.  He did not creep up to Him under the cloak of darkness like Nicodemus did.  He made a bold request of the LORD in broad daylight, in front of the dense crowd that surrounded Jesus.  As I think of his bold request, I think of how we as believers have to be bold in our requests to the LORD when we are in desperate situations.  There is no room for being cute or coy; we have to be sincere and straightforward in our petitions to the LORD. 
Back to Jairus being a ruler in the synagogue: he was a part of the establishment who hated Jesus with all their heart.   He was also a father who loved his daughter with all his heart.  He was helpless to do anything for his little girl, who lay at home dying.  He was in the presence of the only One Who could heal her and he knew it.  So he chose to go public with the fact that he was a believer in the synagogue.  He was desperate enough for his daughter’s life that he dispensed with all the formalities and rules and protocols, and he approached Jesus with his heart felt request.  Oh, that we, as believers, would be as bold in our faith as Jairus.  Oh that we would dispense with all formality and protocol, and learn to trust in the miracle working power of the LORD Jesus Christ! 
I am asking the LORD for a miracle in my life.  When He does it, it will indeed be a miracle because it is something that I cannot orchestrate on my own.  It will take the power of God to work this situation out.  Like Jairus, I believe in the healing power of the LORD Jesus Christ, and like Jairus, I am going boldly to Him with my petition, regardless of who says what or thinks what or does what.  

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