The ChineseVirus Hoax

As I begin, let me say first that by the time you read this, America will have been dealing with what is called the Coronavirus, or Covid-19 for more than six months. The first time I personally heard of it was sometime in mid- to late February. Today is September 3rd.

Also, let me say that I will refer to the virus as the “chinesevirus” because it is my understanding that China is where this virus outbreak originated. I understand that it began in a lab in Wuhan, China. I will therefore refer to it with the name of its origin.

I have always felt like the chinesevirus was a hoax. At first, I thought that the chinesevirus was nothing more than a little more than influenza. My thoughts about it fluctuated over the last six or seven months, but I am back to my initial thoughts: the chinesevirus is nothing more than a little more than influenza. I have had the flu a few times in my life, so I know that it can be serious. I have not suffered from symptoms of the chinesevirus, so I do not know what those symptoms feel like. I have heard that they can be pretty serious. I have heard of the symptoms, because I have acquaintances who have suffered from it, and I do not want to minimize any symptoms that anyone may suffer from it. Please do not hear what I am NOT saying. I get it. The chinesevirus is as serious, and maybe even a little more, than influenza.

Where the chinesevirus loses me is the extreme measures that society has taken to keep from spreading the disease. First of all, wearing masks all day is something out of a sci-fi movie, in my mind. I would never have imagined in a million years that someone would even suggest that, here in America, “land of the free”, that we would be dominated by local, state and federal governments demanding that we cover our faces in masks. What does the mask do? First of all, it holds onto the carbon dioxide that you breathe out. Carbon dioxide comes OUT for a reason! It is actually a poisonous gas that must be released from the body for the body to remain healthy. Masks also hold onto the germs that are present in our noses and mouths. Particles that are too small to be seen by the naked eye are held onto by the mask on your face. Those germs that your body is trying to expel, need to be expelled. They do not need to come back into your body.

The deeper issue surrounding masks for me is this: masks are a way to manipulate a person. The mask itself has a psychological effect on the wearer. It stifles their communication and their thinking. It conveys a certain message that the wearer is afraid. It is a wall, of sorts, to hide behind. It is taken as gospel by those whose lives are driven by the mainstream media. It is a type of manipulation of the masses. Scientists, and even the leading viral specialist in America has now admitted that masks don’t work. All of this is tomfoolery for those who wish this country harm. It is part of the conspiracy to take down America with the chinesevirus hoax.

The second measure that separates me is the social distancing. I am not sure whose idea it was that every person needs to stay six feet away from every other person, but that is also a means of manipulating the population. By making every person feel that they need to stay six feet away from every other person is a means of isolation. People are made to be relational. God created us to be in relationship with other people. With the social distancing, people are even afraid to have simple conversations with other people! I remember the time, just this year, maybe eight months ago, when I would strike up a conversation with a complete stranger in line at the grocery store. NO MORE. People don’t make eye contact with each other anymore. They walk around like robots on a mission. John MacArthur said it best: “You don’t need an army to conquer a nation. You only need fear.” I believe the social distancing is part of the conspiracy to take down America with the chinesevirus hoax.

The final, and probably most important measure that separates me from any belief in anything that the mainstream media says about the coronavirus is the shutdown orders. The audacity of local, state and federal officials to tell people that they cannot leave their homes is utter lunacy! Staying inside, never getting out for fresh air, not going to the gym, or a restaurant, or to the park, or to a friend’s house is mental torture. This is why I refused to do it. Every single day that my county was shut down, I left home. I went for a walk. I went to the botanical gardens. I went to the butcher shop. I went to Walmart! (I stopped going after they demanded that everyone wear masks.) This is America! No one can tell me to stay inside my house if I am not outside my house doing anything illegal. That is absolute lunacy!!!

In the beginning, predictions were that millions of people would die from the chinesevirus. People bought every roll of toilet paper from Maine to southern California. Grocery store shelves were empty. I took pictures of the bare shelves in Walmart. People were afraid to leave their homes. They were afraid for their children to come outside without a mask. Churches shut down. Schools were closed. Gyms, movie theaters, restaurants, amusement parks, the state zoo, and any other facility that held crowds of people was literally shut down for WEEKS. And guess what did not happen? Millions of people did not die. People who died and tested positive for having the chinesevirus were listed as people who died FROM the chinesevirus. The governor of my state refuses to allow businesses to re-open, even though the states surrounding us have re-opened. The numbers do not suggest that there is any surge of outbreaks, and we found out just the other day from the CDC that the total number of true chinesevirus deaths is only 9,210. Less than ten thousand people have died in the United States when the projection was millions!!! Shutting down the economy is part of the conspiracy to take down America with the chinesevirus hoax.

I write this post to vent my frustration at how this whole thing has played out. I believe in my heart that there was never a need to close down the country. I do not believe that people should be wearing masks all day at work, or in their car, or while they are out exercising. I do not believe that social distancing is necessary in terms of keeping the virus at bay. (Now I do believe that personal space should be respected, but that is only because I am a germophobe. That was true of me before I ever heard of a chinesevirus.) I certainly do not believe that Americans should be holed up in their homes for days, weeks and months at a time. It is not healthy for us mentally, emotionally or physically. It is not good for our kids. If you have boys, you know that they need to be outside in the sunshine, running around, burning off that testosterone. Even girls will get bored and become depressed if they are kept inside too long, without at least being able to get some sunshine and fresh air. Marriages have suffered. Parents are struggling with what to do with their kids. The elderly in nursing homes are not being visited. They are being left in the care of doctors and nurses who do not know or care for them the way their family would. All of this is because of the chinesevirus hoax.

This has been a long post, so I am going to wrap it up. I want to get into how the believers in the LORD Jesus Christ should not allow fear to rule them in any kind of way. 1 John 4:18 says “… fear hath torment…” 2 Timothy 1:7 says “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Luke 12:7 says, “…Fear not…” Matthew 10:28 says, “…fear not them which kill the body…” The consensus of the scripture is that we are not to fear! Nothing, including the chinesevirus, can kill us before it is our time. Anyone who has died from the chinesevirus died from the virus because that is what God ordained before that person was even born! So believers really need to knock it off with this fear mongering. Stand firm in the Word of God! Be strong in the power of HIS might…not yours…HIS!!!

God will use this chinesevirus to glorify Himself. I may do a blog post in the next few days on how God has been glorified since the virus first came to light. Thank you for reading, and may God richly bless you for taking the time.

3 Replies to “The ChineseVirus Hoax”

  1. You are stating the sentiment of so many people! Thank you for sharing this truth…..God IS in control and trusting His course should be our only course!

      1. Showing God in the midst of storms and chaos is rarely spoken of and you did that perfectly! On Twitter (where I first found your blog) there are many thankfully who speak His truths against the mainstream views! Stay strong and standing firm! Thank you!

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