I Wasn’t Going To Say Anything, But…

I normally try to steer clear of the political and entertainment news on this blog because I have dedicated this blog to the glory of the LORD Jesus Christ.  I want to honor Him, and I want this to be a safe place for believers to come and read posts that they know will not be vulgar or hateful.  I have made sure over the years that I have been posting on this blog that none of the above is true of my efforts here.

Today, however, I want to veer a bit to the left and post about a situation that is going on in sports news that has caught my attention.  I have had very strong opinions about the situation with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  I watched him as he bowed on his knee instead of standing for the national anthem as it was being played during the opening minutes of the football games in which he played.  I heard on sports talk shows that he was bowing to bring attention to police brutality.  I have strong opinions, as I stated before, so here goes.

I remember after one of the football games in which he bowed on one knee, I talked to my boss about it the next day at work.  We joked with each other that if either of us wanted to protest some social injustice, we better do it on our own time or we would be fired.  That is exactly how I feel about Mr. Kaepernick.  If he wants to protest something, I think he should protest it when he is not being paid the entertain fans in the stands and on television.  I think he should take a knee in front of the police station where the latest incident of racial injustice took place.  I think he should protest in the streets of the cities where he thinks there are crooked police officers.  I think he should protest anywhere he likes, except on the football field on Sundays.

Because of his protests, many believe he has been black balled from the NFL.  I don´t know if that is true but I will say this:  he does not deserve a job after his behavior.  All of a sudden it is so important to him to play football, but all the time he had the chance he was too busy worrying about other things, like taking a knee when he should have been focused on the game.  I hope he never plays again.

His latest stunt, to my understanding, is that NFL teams were actually going to give him a workout in Atlanta at a state of the art facility there.  If my understanding is correct, he changed the venue at the last minute and decided to have his own people record the event.  That says it all to me.  This guy does not want to play football.  He wants to be a diva and play the victim.

I wasn´t going to say anything about this but I could not resist.  Colin Kaepernick has done a good job of alienating himself from the NFL and he is getting what he deserves.  I would never sign him if I owned a team.  He would either play by my rules or he just would not play.  I guess there are some team owners who would agree with me.

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