I’m A Christian, But I’m Not Ashamed

This is an article that I read recently by a wonderful young man named Samuel Sey.  I follow him on Twitter, and I am super impressed with his writing skill, his maturity, and his love for the things of God.  He is a wonderful representation of what Godliness in youth should look like, and I thank the LORD that He allowed me to be exposed to this young man.  As I read his material, I often think of his mother, who must be beyond proud of the young man that the LORD allowed her to raise.  I know that you will be as blessed by his blogging as I am.  I did receive his permission to post this, and with his permission I will post other writings in the future.

I’m a Christian, but I’m Not Ashamed

Buzzfeed recently released a video titled, I’m Christian, But I’m Not. In the video, which currently has over seven million views on Facebook, several supposed Christians defend their Christianity by suggesting that unlike other closed-minded and ignorant Christians, they support feminism and homosexuality.

Essentially, the video propagates that true Christians actually support homosexuality, feminism, and whatever else the Western world has dictated to be right through groupthink. At one point in the video, a lady says, “At it’s core, [Christianity] really is about love, and acceptance, and being a good neighbor.” That however is not necessarily true. Christianity is about Jesus Christ.

A Christian is simply defined as a person who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Therefore if a person claims to be a Christian but does not live by the teachings of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible: they are not a Christian. In attempting to redefine the meaning of Christianity, Jesus Christ and the Bible are mentioned exactly zero times in the video. As a result, the Christian and Biblical meaning of love, acceptance, and good neighboring is effectively manipulated to deceive genuine Christians into supporting (primarily) homosexuality.

However, Jesus Christ conveyed in the Bible that homosexuality is a sinful practice ( Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10). Therefore, Christians must believe that homosexuality is indeed a sinful practice. We should not be apologetic of our Christianity; we should not be ashamed of the gospel:

I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. – Romans 1:16

Interestingly, one of the ladies in the video said, “Christianity does not ruin people.” That is perhaps the only accurate statement in the video. Christianity does not ruin people. In fact, it does the complete opposite: Christianity saves people. I would understand the need for Christians to be apologetic and ashamed of Christianity if the gospel ruined people, but the reality is, it does not. Sin ruins people; the gospel restores people.

Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ being fully God and fully man, lived a perfect and sinless life, and willingly sacrificed Himself on a cross, taking our sinful record on Himself and giving those who would believe and follow Him His righteous record, so that upon suffering the wrath of God the Father to the point of His death, and resurrecting three days later; sinners would be declared righteous on Christ’s account and saved from the wrath of God in Hell.  1 Peter 3:18 says:

Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God.

Therefore contrary to the words in the video, we Christians do not place ourselves on a pedestal. We believe that like everyone else, we too are unrighteous and sinful. We do not place ourselves on a pedestal; Instead, We place our Savior Jesus Christ on the pedestal.

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