Double-Minded Men…

James 1:8

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

You would have to live underneath a rock not to have heard at least some of the controversy surrounding the National Football League, or NFL, and their anthem protests.  The protests began last year with one player in particular, who claimed that he could no longer salute a flag that stood as representation of a country that “oppressed” people of color.  (The word “oppressed” is his word, not mine.)  That football player was quoted as saying that he would not stand for the national anthem anymore until there was change in the way people of color are treated by law enforcement officials.  (By the way, at the end of last season, the team for which this young man played dropped him, and up to the time of this writing, he has not been picked up by any other team.  Hmm.)  Since the beginning of this football season, the whole anthem protest thing has picked up a lot of steam and teams, their coaches, retired players and even owners are joining in the fray.  One team decided to stay in the locker room, while only one of their players came out and stood, hand over heart, for the national anthem.  Another team stood in the tunnel until after the national anthem was finished.  All of this chaos began when one man decided not to stand for the national anthem.

Being the opinionated person that I am, I have several thoughts about these anthem protests.  I will express each one of them at some point.  My main problem with the protests is the fact that the original player claimed that he wanted to see changes in the way “oppressed” people are treated in this country.  I keep going back to the word “oppressed” because I cannot imagine how anyone can think that Black people in the United States of America in 2017 are “oppressed”.  Any oppression that is exacted upon Black people today is the oppression that they bring upon themselves.  For instance, (and I have used this example in a previous blog post) there was the situation with the young man who was killed by police officers after being asked not to sell cigarettes on the street in front of a certain business.  The part of the story that the media fails to publicize is the fact that the young man had robbed the very store he was arrested in front of earlier that day.  The police officers were called when he  began selling individual cigarettes in front of the very place that he had robbed!  The police came and politely asked him to move along and he became belligerent.  An altercation ensued, and he ended up dead.  After his death, tributes began pouring in on social media from persons claiming to know him, calling him a good person and such.  My question is this:  how good a person do you have to be to rob a store?  How good do you have to be disobey police officers?  How good do you have to be to become belligerent when given instructions?  That is not the kind of good that I want to be.

So……when is the NFL going to start protesting against behavior like this young man’s?  When are they going to say enough with all the crime and killing and nonsense that goes unnoticed in the Black community?  When are they going to consider the fact that this nation is being “oppressed” by “people of color” who hold their own neighborhoods hostage, while making White America feel guilty for having a standard.

Another killing comes to mind when I think of protests gone awry.  There was a young man who was killed by the neighborhood watch person because he refused to submit to questioning.  The neighborhood watch person was out there doing the job he had been assigned, but this young man came along and defied him, wound up dead, and it’s the neighborhood watch guy’s fault.  He went to trial and was acquitted, but he was, for a long time, hounded by the media and by Black America because of the death of the young man who defied his instructions.  When is the NFL going to start protesting young men defying authority?  When is there going to be an uproar over people not doing what they are told to do by the persons in authority?

There was another killing late in 2016 of a man who had been convicted three separate times for drug-related crimes.  He was wanted for questioning concerning a fourth crime, and when police approached his home to talk to him, he ran.  The police chased him and caught up with him, only for him to attack them physically and they shot him.  The next day, the newspaper in the city where he lived showed a bunch of Black people carrying signs and walking in the middle of the street holding up traffic.  News cameras wound up in that area, and of course, someone put a microphone in one of his relatives’ faces.  The relative called him such a good man…he was a good dad to his kids, all three of them, by three different women, neither of whom he had the decency to marry, and the only reason he was dealing drugs was so that he could buy school clothes for himself and his kids.  When is the NFL going to start protesting irresponsible behavior on behalf of young Black men who impregnate women that they know they are not going to marry, leaving the burden of raising the children to the young women, and many times, the young women’s parents?  When is the NFL going to start protesting against young Black men selling drugs on the streets of Black communities?  When is the NFL going to start protesting against anything other than something that makes no sense?

I am not an NFL fan and never have been.  I am only familiar with all that goes on in the NFL because I am a fan of other sports, and the NFL always manages to become inserted into the other sports talk that I like.  I hear the praise of the persons who support what the NFL is doing, and I hear those like myself, who think this is nonsense.  I strongly support our president when he says that the owners should fire anyone who disrespects our nation, our flag and the brave service personnel who sacrifice to give us the right to disrespect our nation and our flag!  I would suspend and/or ban any player who did not stand for the national anthem at the beginning of a sporting event.

I do not worship the flag.  I do not worship the national anthem.  I do not worship sports.  I do worship the LORD Jesus Christ, and I do know that America was founded on the principles that are taught in the Word of God.  I am proud to know that there is evidence of what the LORD did for this world by suffering and dying on the cross at Calvary all over this nation.  The players in the NFL are not ultimately disrespecting our nation; ultimately they are disrespecting the LORD Jesus Christ.  They want chaos…they do not want order, and Jesus commands order amongst His people.  They want lawlessness…Jesus commands us to govern ourselves according to His law.  They want to be subject to no one…but we will all stand before Jesus Christ and give an account for all the things we did in our lives.

If you do not know the LORD Jesus Christ, come to know Him as Savior today.  Repent of your sin, ask Him to forgive you, and ask Him to be the LORD of your life today.  The reward will be great when you get to heaven.  The consequence of rejecting Him will be equally as terrifying.  Do not let this moment pass without confessing your sin to Him and asking Him to save you.  Don’t be a double minded man…unstable in your eternity.

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