The Orphans Need a Family…

James 1:27

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

In the state of North Carolina, statistics show that there are more than 10,000 children who are living in foster care at this moment.  These are children who may have been abandoned by their biological parents, removed from the home because of neglect or abuse, or orphaned by their parents death or murder.  Regardless of the reason, these children need homes and families to love them and lead them to the LORD.

This is a passion of mine.  Sometimes I lie in bed at night and fantasize about owning a farmhouse that sits on 30 acres of property, with at least 3000 square feet and five or six bedrooms.  In that home, I dream of bringing in little boys and little girls who have not had the love of a mother or the love of a father in their lives, and are starving for affection, attention, structure, discipline and the knowledge of the LORD Jesus Christ.  Oh how I wish I could afford that!  If I could, and someday I might, I would try my best to get as many children out of foster homes and bring them into a home where they would be loved, shown affection, given attention, given structure, discipline and they would be fed a steady diet of the Word of the LORD!  How I wish I could empty out the foster care system.

I know that you may be thinking that I am crazy.  I have heard it all before.  People say crass things like “Why would you want to take someone else’s problem?” or “Aren’t you ready to get the kids you already have out of your house?”  I answer them with an unequivocal “NO!”  Fortunately for me, I have been blessed to have adopted two children already out of the foster care system.  My two babies were dirty, unkept, and pitiful when they were delivered to my home.  Two years prior to their arrival, I had been praying for the children that God would give to me, and I was fully invested in them from the moment they arrived.  I have loved them just like the children that I bore into the world.  I talk to them the same way I talk to my biological children.  I hug and kiss them, I tell them how much I love them and how blessed I am that God gave them to me.  Today, my son is as handsome as any boy I have ever seen, and my daughter is so beautiful that I think someday she will be a model.  I remember the social worker who worked our adoption told me that my children no longer looked like foster care children.  Oh how that did warm my heart!

I asked my son if he felt that I had a favorite child.  He looked at me with his beautiful eyes and said no…he told me that he knows I love him.  I am so thankful that he is confident in his heart of his mother’s love.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am praying that more and more women, even those of you who have not yet married, or those of you who may be divorced, will open up your heart and your home to a child in foster care.  Whether a baby or a teenager, each of these children were created in the image of God, designed for a family, and each of them longs for the love and stability that only a Godly family can bring.  Will you pray and ask God to show you if this is the ministry that He has for you?  Will you ask Him to give you the love for children that He has?  He will give it to you if that is your desire.  He will make a way for you to bless and love a child in foster care.  He is faithful like that.

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