Be Not Unfaithful….

Malachi 2:16 (CEV)

The LORD God All-Powerful of Israel hates anyone who is cruel enough to divorce his wife. So take care never to be unfaithful!

I love how much God loves marriage.  I love the fact that He is not going to hold the man (or woman) guiltless who abandons his or her marriage with no thought of return.  I am glad that He is not going to just let these men within the body of Christ get away with cheating on their wives, abandoning their wives and children, being dishonest, siding with the enemy, and mocking what God joined together for life.

In the verse above, Malachi warns us that the LORD Who is God, the All-Powerful God over Israel, the Creator of heaven and earth, HATES anyone who is cruel enough to make a covenant with his wife and then abandon the covenant.  God hates that!  Malachi is warning us we need to be careful not to do what God hates.

I am so grateful that God will not let the husbands, including my husband, who have walked away from their families, get away with making a promise, and then refusing to keep the promise that they made.  I am glad that God will bring down His judgment on those who disobey Him.  That is not because I want to see anyone punished, but it is because I do not want to feel as though God would allow a person to damage me and my children the way we have been damaged, and just get away with it.  God is faithful!

If any husband who has abandoned his wife is reading this, please know that you cannot escape God’s judgment.  His wrath will come down on you at the time that He chooses, and you will not be able to do anything except suffer under it.  It may seem like you are doing better now that you have your wife out of your life, but you will wish that you had kept the covenant that you made once God gets through with you!

Also, if you claim to be a Christian and have abandoned your wife, you need to understand that you cannot be a Christian and walk in the kind of demonic activity you are walking in presently.  No true believer can ever leave the wife he made a covenant with, and have no remorse or repentance over the separation.  Only the world behaves that way.  You are condemned by your own behavior.  God will judge you.  You are on the road to hell.  Hell is where you will spend eternity.  I hope you think about that.

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