A Message From Dr. Carson

I read this message from Dr. Ben Carson this morning, and I thought it was so eloquently written that I wanted to share it.  I heard it said recently that we are losing any shred of integrity that we have.  That is so true.  Thank God for men like Dr. Carson, who believe in the principles written in the Word of God, and are willing to fight for them.

“In a very telling moment, Hillary Clinton maligned me and millions of other Americans as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic “deplorables.”

I’m so tired of this line of attack that normally taunts conservatives. Well let me be very specific in my response. I believe in expanding opportunity, not welfare; that’s not racist.

I believe every life is worth protecting, particularly the unborn; that doesn’t make me sexist.

I believe marriage is between one man and one woman; that’s not homophobic.

I believe in borders, the rule of law and our sovereign right to decide who to let into our country; that’s not xenophobic.

I believe radical Islam is a mortal threat to America and Western civilization; that is common sense, not Islamophobia.

My nationwide ‘Fight for the Court’ project is about explaining and protecting our Constitutional values. As you can see, they’re under constant assault, and if we allow the Left to institutionalize their vision of a European-style, government-dominated, secular society through our courts, we are going to lose our country for a generation.

If you’re tired of being vilified for believing in the Constitutional, Judeo-Christian values that made America great, please help me send a message by signing up to join me now.

We must use moments like this as opportunities because this is not just name-calling. The Left is using every tool at their disposal to whitewash our history and undercut our institutions.

The difference is that I believe in our nation as it was founded. I believe in “We the People,” but it requires us to constantly reach out, inform, and mobilize conservatives.

There are a lot of challenges before us and a lot of problems to solve. I’ve decided to concentrate on a few. ‘Fight for the Court’ is about protecting our Constitutional values.

Elections every few years are our opportunity to correct course if necessary, but the Supreme Court can be lost for a generation or more.

I ask you to join me by signing up and helping us to continue this fight.

Thank you for your commitment.”

“Of the three branches of the federal government, the judiciary branch was supposed to be the weakest.

However, after decades of judicial overreach, the Court has accrued so much power that the opinions of nine unelected judges can dramatically affect the lives of every American.

This means that 2016 is not just about who will sit in the Oval Office. It’s about what kind of justices will be nominated to the Court — and the next President may have to fill two to three seats.

Whether it’s the protection of religious liberty or the 2nd Amendment, the legality of executive amnesty, or the future of school choice, we are facing two very different futures and we must ensure that every American understands the stakes.

Help us keep this issue front and center. Help us fight for the Court, and sign up now.”

Ben Carson, Chairman, Fight For The Court

American Legacy Center

Sign up at http://www.fightforthecourt.org


Keeper of the Covenant

Judges 2:1

…I will never break my covenant with you.

This is a promise made to the children of Israel by an “angel of the LORD”.  When God makes a promise, He keeps it.  Oh, if only humanity lived by that same principle!

We live in the age of covenant breakers.  People get married, only to walk away from their marriages when the going gets a little rough.  People have children, only to abandon and neglect them when they become an inconvenience.  People commit to responsibilities, only to decide a little ways in that the job is a bit more than they anticipated.  These and other examples of going back on one’s word is the stick that that is beating down all hope for promising relationships in the present era.

The good news is that God, the faithful and true God of the Bible, does not go back on His Word.  When He says that He will do it, you can take that promise to the bank.  When He says that He will not leave you, you can always know that He is there.  When He says that He will fight for you, you can know that the battle is already won.  God is the ultimate covenant keeper.

Have you made a covenant with the LORD?  Have you promised Him that you are going to live for Him for the rest of your earthly life?  If you have, then make sure that you do not go back on your word to Him.  He would rather you not make a vow to Him, than to make one and break it.  If you have not made a covenant with Him, it’s time.  He is soon to return, and you do not want to be outside of a relationship with Him when He comes.