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The following post is one that I read on Coach Tony Dungy’s blog, “Dungy’s Diaries”.  I love Coach Dungy so much, not because of his success on the football field, but because of the integrity that he demonstrates off the field.  He is such a Godly example of manhood.  I admire him so much.

With marriage under attack, and the men within the body of Christ being drawn away from their families by everything from careers to pornography, it is refreshing to hear from a man who loves his wife “as Christ loved the church”.  Christ died for the church.  He put away His own human desire to live and was nailed to a cross to die in exchange for our sins.  If only the men of God viewed marriage in that vein.  If only they would love their wives as Christ loved the church…

I thought that his blog post was worth re-posting.  Enjoy and learn…

3 Ways I Love My Wife

love my wife

I know I am guilty of becoming busy and not showing my wife, Lauren, how much I love and appreciate her. She knows I do and I could easily rely on that. The problem is that love requires more. It takes active thought and action. Particularly when I am traveling and have a heavy workload, I can get caught up in my own world. It’s an easy way for feelings to get hurt and our marriage to get off track.

Just like in football, when you get off track, it’s important to focus on the fundamentals. Each person receives love differently. It’s important for us to know what makes our wives feel loved and cared for. There are a couple of things I know my wife enjoys. These may seem small and simple. But the point is doing them with consistency and with intentional love. That is what makes all the difference. Here are 3 ways I love my wife.

1. Dinner Out

It’s not hard or particularly creative, but it gives us time together. Our kids and work demand a lot of our attention. We also tend to be in crowds a lot so having a meal together gives us quality time alone where we can talk. It gets us back on the same page.

2. Walks

The day can be hectic and, by the end, we are usually tired. But when the kids go to bed, taking a walk around the neighborhood is a great way to connect. My wife and I enjoy hearing about each other’s day. It is a relaxing way to unwind.

3. Written Notes

This is something I should do more often. My wife loves written notes. Whether I am on the road or at home, when I write down my feelings for her it makes her feel special. It is also something that she can save and pull out and read at any time. Writing notes, taking walks, and dinner out are the things she loves more than anything. Well, jewelry works too!

There are probably two or three things that your wife loves. Things that make her feel loved and appreciated. They are probably small, everyday things. What are they? When is the last time you’ve done them for her? It may be time to get back to the fundamentals.

What are the top ways you love your wife?

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